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The weather in June has been amazing so far in Utah.  The afternoons have been in the high 60s and 70s and the cool nights have been about perfect for evening midge hatches.  It looks like the great weather is going to continue throughout the month of June with daytime temperatures forecasted to be from 60 to 80 degrees and the nights cooling down to the high 40s and 50s. The spring runoff has been mild this May and most of the rivers around Falcon’s Ledge have been fishing well.  The great fishing will continue throughout June, and we have some great hatches coming up on many of our rivers. 

The Green Drake hatch is the first big summer hatch around Falcon’s Ledge.  The green drakes will start showing up in the next week and the hatch will really hit its peak around June 18-25.  This is a great hatch that really gets a lot of big fish up and looking at dry flies on a couple of our rivers around the lodge.  If you haven’t experienced the green drake hatch in Utah we highly recommend coming out in late June and fishing this hatch. 

The stoneflies really start showing up on many of our rivers around the end of June. The end of June and first couple weeks of July is a great time to be fishing on many of the rivers around Falcon’s Ledge. The fish are actively feeding on dry flies, because the green drake hatch is just winding down and the stoneflies are hatching. An olive-bodied stonefly or stimulator in size 14 or 16 is a great fly to use during this time to imitate the stoneflies we have on our Utah rivers.

The caddis hatches also start coming off in the evenings on many of our rivers at the end of June.  Most evenings in July caddis are hatching on our rivers and caddis become a staple meal for trout in our area during the month of July. A klinkhammer or caddis emerger in size 18 is a great fly to use during the summer evenings or an elk hair caddis in size 16 or 18 is a good dry fly to use in the evenings if fish are rising to adult caddis. 

June and July are some of the best months of the year for dry fly fishing on the rivers at Falcon’s Ledge. We hope to see you soon for some amazing Utah river fly fishing this summer!

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