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The ice is melting here at Falcon’s Ledge and it has us thinking of Utah fly fishing for big trout on the rivers and lakes around the lodge.  Here are a few tips and tricks we have learned over the years for fishing the rivers and lakes near Falcon’s Ledge. Rivers around the lodge fish well from June until late October. The Duchesne River fishes well year-round except May when runoff is coming down.  The best hatches on the Duchesne and Strawberry River occur from late June until the end of July for brown trout. Rock Creek, Yellowstone Creek, and Lake Fork Creek fish well from late June until the end of October for rainbow, brook, and cutthroat trout. The best hatches on these high mountain streams occur from July 1 to the end of August. In August and September there is good fish with a hopper/dropper rig, using a parachute hopper pattern or PMX as a dry fly and a pheasant tail, prince nymph, or copper john as a dropper nymph. In October the fishing is mainly nymphing and streamer fishing but can be pretty good fishing most days. The fishing on the lakes around Falcon’s Ledge is good from March until December. In March and April, the lakes are cold, and the fish are sitting deeper in the water column. Using a sinking line with a woolly bugger or leech pattern in black or white works wells. In May the water temperature gets warmer and midge hatches are common. During May and early June dropping a midge or chironomid pattern off a strike indicator produces a lot of fish. June is a great time to fish a damsel fly nymph or midge pattern. In July and August, the hot sun makes the best fishing late in the evening, and midge patterns, parachute adams, and klinkhammers will produce fish in the evenings. During the day focus deeper in the lake where the temperatures are cooler and you will catch fish. In September and October woolly buggers and leeches still produce fish, especially in a brown or black color. Evening hatches are also very productive until late October.  A parachute grasshopper or ant pattern cast along the edges of lakes for cruising fish also works well in the fall. We hope to see you at Falcon’s Ledge this year for some Utah fly fishing.

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