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Utah spring fishing is extremely exciting at Falcon’s Ledge Lodge. The ice is quickly melting away from the edges of the lakes and more open water is appearing every day. The opportunities for adventure with the open water get us excited every day as we see the ice retreat and the open water appear. It is fun to see the trout cruising the edges of the ice and dart back under the ice when they get spooked by a shadow or noise and we love kayaking, paddle boarding, and rowing around the lakes in just a couple short weeks. The other thing we enjoy this time of year is the amount of wildlife on the Falcon’s Ledge property.  Deer, turkeys, and even elk can be spotted coming down for a drink out of the lakes in the mornings and evenings. Ducks, geese, herons, egrets, and other waterfowl can be seen frequently in the open water and even nesting on the banks of the lakes.  Later in the spring baby ducks and geese can be seen swimming in the Falcon’s Ledge lakes after they hatch.

The spring fishing at Falcon’s Ledge can be some of the best fishing of the year. In the early spring woolly buggers and leech patterns works slowly can be highly effective and often produce big rainbows, browns, and tiger trout.  Balanced leeches hung off a strike indicator can also work well. In late April and May midge hatches occur many afternoons and zebra midges and chironomids dropped off a strike indicator catch a lot of fish.

With all the wildlife hanging around the lakes in the spring, the great fishing, and the beautiful afternoons to kayak around the lakes it is no wonder that spring is one of our favorite times of year at Falcon’s Ledge. Families love to come fish, watch the wildlife, and sit in the hot tub in the evenings from March to May. 

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