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In just a few weeks the ice will start to melt away from the edges of the lakes here at Falcon’s Ledge Lodge. The warm afternoons in late February start to melt the ice around the shorelines and the ice begins to recede from the edges and open water appears. The first week of March there begins to be some significant open water and trout begin to cruise the shorelines and weed beds along the shallow bays looking for active bugs to eat in the water as the water temperature increases.

The first half of March the water is still cold enough that the trout move slowly along picking up bugs, minnows, and small crayfish as they cruise the bays and shallow areas of the lake. This is a good time for families and friends to come out and enjoy peace and solitude that our spring family fishing lodge has to offer. Families can relax and catch fish while watching the hawks soar along the cliffs and the ducks and geese land on the water.  

As the afternoon sun melts any ice that is left in the middle of March the water begins to warm up and the fish get even more active and aggressive. Family fishing groups and groups of friends can enjoy this beautiful time of year and catch a lot of fish.  

Spring at Falcon’s Ledge Lodge is one of our favorite times of year. The fish are actively feeding, and groups can catch a lot of fish. The weather is mild, and a light jacket is great most days. The waterfowl and hawks are active in the canyon and it is fun to watch the hawks, ducks, geese, and herons in as you fish on the lakes. The green grass and wildflowers blooming around the lakes makes for some beautiful scenery.  Spring family fishing is just around the corner, so get your rods and fishing gear ready and bring out your family to enjoy this spectacular time of year at Falcon’s Ledge!

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