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There are only two months left in the pheasant hunting season at Falcon’s Ledge. February and March are the last opportunities for hunters to get out with their family and friends to get in some bird hunting before the season closes at the end of March. It has been a great pheasant season and we have enjoyed seeing many old friends and making some new friends this pheasant hunting season. There are still birds available and days open for hunters to get in a couple last hunts before the season closes, so please give us a call if you have not been able to get out hunting yet this season or if you want to get another hunt in before the season ends.

As March approaches and the pheasant hunting season ends the fly-fishing season begins. Depending on the weather the ice will melt off the trout lakes around Falcon’s Ledge the second or third week in March. During the last weeks of March the fish are hungry after a long winter under the ice and the fishing can be really good at the end of March and April. The water is cold during the early spring and trout are hungry but are often moving slower due to the cold water temperatures. Fishing flies slowly or dropped off a strike indicator is the best technique to use during the early spring when the fish are hanging down in deeper water and moving a little slower.

The fishing in late March and April can also be good on the rivers around Falcon’s Ledge. The pre-runoff fishing in the early spring can be a great time to get out on the rivers and catch some fish. Blue-winged olives, midges, and early stoneflies can be seen hatching on many of our rivers in the early spring.

Over the next few months there are some great opportunities to get out and hunt and fish. There will be some great pheasant hunting over the next two months and some excellent early spring fishing starting in March. We hope to see you soon at Falcon’s Ledge Lodge.

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