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March is just around the corner, and we love the month of March as the pre-runoff fishing begins on the rivers, the ice comes off the lakes, and the pheasant hunting is fantastic. It is a great month for getting out and enjoying some great fishing and pheasant hunting as the weather begins to warm and the snow and ice melt. In this blog we will discuss some of our favorite fishing and hunting opportunities in March.

The pheasant hunting in March is some of the best of the year. The afternoons are warm, and the snow has largely melted on the pheasant hunting grounds. The mild weather and the small amount of snow creates great opportunities for pheasant hunting around Falcon’s Ledge Lodge. The hunting dogs have spent months chasing pheasants and are highly experienced and trained from finding thousands of pheasants through the season.

The warm afternoons in March create midge and blue wing olive hatches on several of the rivers around Falcon’s Ledge. The pre-runoff fishing in March can be good on some of the rivers in our area. This is a great time to get out and enjoy some afternoon fishing and experience some of the first hatches of the year and catch some rising fish.

The sunny days in March also melt the ice off of the lakes at Falcon’s Ledge and the nearby Six Lakes Fishing Preserve. The Six Lakes Fishing Preserve ice begins to melt the first week of March and there is often open water to fish by the end of the first week of March. The Falcon’s Ledge ice melts off the lakes during the month of March and there is often open water to fish at Falcon’s Ledge by the middle of March. Middle and late March is a great time to fish balanced leeches and woolly buggers under a strike indicator or slowly along the bottom to catch some big hungry fish.

We hope to see you this March at Falcon’s Ledge Lodge for some Utah fly fishing and pheasant hunting!

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