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December is a quiet, peaceful time at Falcon’s Ledge. Groups of friends, coworkers, and family come and enjoy the quiet and peace of the canyon and lodge. Groups have the lodge and canyon all to themselves and enjoy the relaxation of the lodge and gently falling snow in the canyon. It is a wonderful time of year to relax with family and friends and to get out and enjoy some outdoor adventures with your group of family or friends. In this blog we will share some of our favorite spots to fish and hunt in December around Falcon’s Ledge.

The Duchesne River is one of our favorite spots to fish during the Utah winter around Falcon’s Ledge. This beautiful river has great scenery with the red rock and snow and the nice brown trout that live in the Duchesne River stay active all winter. Warm afternoons will often produce midge hatches that get the fish feeding.

Pleasant Valley Hunting Preserve is one of the best pheasant hunting preserves in the western United States and is located just down the road about 30 minutes from the Falcon’s Ledge Lodge. Groups that enjoy bird hunting can enjoy a great morning bird hunt with their family or friends while they stay at the lodge in December. It is amazing to watch highly trained hunting dogs work through the thick cover looking for pheasants and chukars.

Groups that enjoy ice fishing can also ice fish on the private lakes near the lodge. The Six Lakes Fishing Preserve just down the road 10 miles from the lodge is a great spot for families and friends to enjoy a day catching fat, healthy rainbow trout through the ice at the beautiful Six Lakes Fishing Preserve.

The beautiful Falcon’s Ledge Lodge has a great game room downstairs with a billiard table, ping pong table, and large screen TV. It is great for groups in the winter to relax and play games and enjoy time together. Just outside on the back porch is a large, in-ground hot tub for members of your group to relax and soak in the evenings while the snow lightly falls on the grass and trees.

We look forward to seeing you this winter at Falcon’s Ledge Lodge for some Utah winter fishing!

Ask us about renting the entire lodge for a group or family event and have private use of the new swimming pool, lodge & private lakes(435) 315-0211