Western Fly Fishing

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Mountain Streams Most fly fisherman dream about a fly fishing trip to the western United States for years.  They read the stories and see the pictures and finally get the chance to go.  The time comes that they finally get the opportunity to make a trip to explore and fish the western states and they anticipate the trip for months.  Some people choose to try to explore on their own.  Others hire a guide or stay at a lodge.  They use the experience and expertise of guides that know the area like the back of their hand and can show fishermen the hidden secrets and best fishing spots. Falcon's Ledge Guided Fly Fishing Fishermen return home with their dreams exceeded.  The mountains were bigger and more majestic then they had imagined.  The trout were more beautiful and colorful than they  saw in photographs. Here at Falcon’s Ledge we get to spend most of the year giving people the fly fishing trip of a lifetime.  We love to have guests nearly everyday tell us that they caught the biggest fish of their life, or the most fish of their life, or their first fish on a fly rod, or never fished in such a beautiful spot, or never caught a cutthtroat trout, etc.  It is very rewarding and a great honor to be part of people’s fly fishing trips. We love to share monumental experiences with them.  Then to have them come back year after year because they can’t get enough of the amazing experiences western fly fishing has to offer. Here is a great film highlighting a few of the great trout rivers and the majestic scenery in the west.  Enjoy! ]]>