Scouting/Fishing Day

By July 18, 2016No Comments

image1-2 John Rock selecting the deadly fly pattern[/caption] As guides we try to fish as much as possible to better get our clients into fish. It’s a good idea to scout out some water before a guided trip so you can giver your anglers the best possible chance to catch fish. While having a day off here and there between trips gives you the opportunity to check out water and see what is fishable and what is not. It’s a constant battle trying get up to date reports on our several rivers. Sometimes the info that we get online is not accurate and can get you into trouble when planning out your day. John Rock and myself had a day off in between trips and decided to head to the river for some serious scouting for the next group. We decided to fish a stretch of river that hadn’t been fished in a while which with the low pressure could prove to be really good. We like to fish water before we step in to cross or move upstream. It’s always a good idea just in cast that one fish is there. Sure enough I caught the first fish just as the riffle dumps into a nice little pool. image1-2 copyW John and I kept moving upstream fairly quickly to cover as much water as we could. There was a storm rolling in so we had to hustle to make it through to the take out. We caught all brown trout ranging from 10 inches to 16 inches with a few hatches of bugs in between. image2-2 The next group that came in had a great time on this river. We brought them back to this same spot and had a good idea where the fish were going to be. When time permits it’s a good idea to get out and fish he water before you have a client show up.]]>