Small Stream Fishing

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Mountain Streams Rock Creek Rock creek is just west of the lodge.  It flows through a beautiful canyon with mountain goats and deer inhabiting the hill sides.  In the upper reaches of the canyon native cutthroat and wild brooks are abundant and catching dozens of these colorful, wild trout is common.  In the lower reaches of the canyon brown trout and rainbows live in the deep bends and pools. Uintas. Yellowstone Creek Yellowstone creek is just northeast of the lodge.  The Yellowstone is a beautiful stream known for its native cutthroat trout.  Its tributaries are known to hold some of the most genetically pure cutthroat trout in Utah. It also has plenty of wild brook trout that will smash a dry fly and give you plenty of action all day.  Fishing the lower reaches of the Yellowstone will also produce nice rainbows and brown trout. Uintah River Uintah Canyon is a wide canyon with lots of beaver dams that spread the water throughout the canyon.  This creates a lot of backwater and side streams to explore.  For those fishermen that like to explore new water this is the perfect stream for you.  Exploring the endless side streams, backwater, and beaver dams will reward the adventurous fisherman with browns, rainbows, brooks, and cutthroat trout. Beautiful creek Whiterocks Creek Whiterocks is a small stream about an hour east of Falcon’s Ledge Lodge that holds large populations of brooks and cutthroats.  If you love to catch scrappy brooks cutthroat on dry flies this stream is for you.  It is common to catch dozens of fish on this small stream in a day all on dry flies.  This is small pocket water and if you put a dry fly in a pocket you are rewarded with a strike nearly every time. Here is a great short film about small stream fishing. Enjoy! ]]>