Uinta River

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IMG_4938 2 The Uinta River is one of several rivers that we fish on the South Slope of the Uinta mountain range in eastern Utah. With many miles of fishable river it’s hard to explore in the middle of guide season. We do love finding new places to take our clients where not many people fish. From Falcon’s Ledge it’s only a 30-40 min drive. IMG_4998 The Uinta has good populations of brown trout. The browns are aggressive so any attractor patters will work well on this river. Our favorite flies on this river are Bugmeisters, PMX’s and Stimulators. The fun part of fishing the Uinta is that you don’t really know what you’re going to catch. IMG_5013Brook trout are plentiful in this hight mountain stream. Finding lots of downfall and structure will help ensure finding brook trout. The brook trout are colorful and very active when they see a fly. Attractors work well on these little guys too. IMG_5069This was a new stretch we fished and found some really nice fish. This is an above average fish for this river. Every once in a while you’ll find a nicer fish but you really have to work and cover a lot of water. Get out and explore new water on your favorite streams this summer. It will be refreshing and more exciting rather than fishing the same old stretches we find ourselves doing.]]>