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The fishing has been amazing so far this fall and it is going to continue to get better. The end of September and the first part of October is some of the best fishing of the year in Utah and the next few weeks is fishing we look forward to all year. Here are a few reasons the end of September and the first of October is some of our favorite fishing of the year.

The mild daytime and night temperatures the last two weeks of September and the first week of October are about perfect temperatures for both trout and aquatic insects making both trout and insects very active during this time. The temperatures during this time range from about 70 degrees during the day to 45 degrees at night. Trout love temperatures from about 50 to 60 degrees making trout very active and feeding especially in the mornings and evenings during late September. Many small aquatic insects hatch when temperatures are in the 50-to-60-degree range. In late September midge and trico hatches are common in the evenings when the temperatures are ideal for these hatches to come off and fish feed heavily during these evening hatches.

The night time temperatures have not dropped below freezing yet and grasshoppers and ants are still very active in late September. This makes dry fly fishing amazing. Hopper patterns such as PMXs, parachute hoppers, and Fat Alberts are very effective on both rivers and lakes during this time of year. If fish are unwilling to rise to a big hopper pattern, dropping a zebra midge off of the hopper can often catch fish. It doesn’t get much more fun than casting a big hopper pattern along the cattails or behind a rock and having a big trout explode on it.

Brook, brown and tiger trout are colored up in October and it is a great time of year to catch a big, beautiful brook or brown trout. Fishing with streamer patterns such as woolly buggers, leeches, or zonkers can attract some of these big, aggressive fish and produce explosive strikes. It is exciting fishing and is a great opportunity to catch a personal best brook or brown trout.

We hope to see you at Falcon’s Ledge this September and October for some amazing fall fishing!

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