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The ice has melted off the lakes and spring fishing is hot right now at Falcon’s Ledge.  The end of April and May is some of the best fishing of the year on the lakes at Falcon’s Ledge.  In this blog we will share some tips and techniques for spring trout fishing in Utah.

In April the water temperature is still very cold and trout are not moving very fast and are staying fairly deep in the lake.  Fishing a sinking line with a woolly bugger or leech is often the most productive set up in April.  Casting your bugger out and slowly retrieving it along the bottom of the lake will produce good action.  Fishermen that prefer to fish with a floating line and a strike indicator can fish a balanced leech or sno cone chironomid under a strike indicator and also get good action.  Balanced leeches in black or brown work well hung under a strike indicator about 7 to 9 feet.  Sno cone chironomids and blood midges hung off of a strike indicator about the same depth will also work well especially when midge hatches are coming off on a warm afternoon or evening.

May brings a little warmer water temperatures and more insects hatching off the water which will bring trout closer to the surface of the lakes.  Strike indicators with a balanced leech or chironomid still work well in May, but you don’t need to hang the flies as far off the strike indicator since the trout are more shallow.  Dropping them off about 3 to 5 feet should be deep enough in most situations.  Fishing woolly bugger and leeches still works well in May, but you don’t have to fish them nearly as deep or as slow.  Fish will be moving a little faster in May with the warmer water temperatures.  Near the end of May damselflies start emerging and hatching off the lakes at Falcon’s Ledge.  A damselfly nymph or small olive woolly bugger works great to imitate these emerging damselflies in late May.  With the afternoon midge hatches and damselfly hatches in May it is one of our favorite times of the year to fish at Falcon’s Ledge.

We hope to see you this May at Falcon’s Ledge for some Utah spring trout fishing!

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